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10 Signs You're Ready To Get Engaged

You think you're ready to get engaged, but how can you be sure?

If you're thinking of settling down but are not confident that you're ready to share the rest of your life with someone, then Dreamwedding can help! We have 10 signs that will help you make up your mind.

You feel ready

They say that when you know, you know! This is the person you want to see before you go to sleep and wake up to in the morning. Of course there will be times when he annoys the hell out of you, but nobody can turn that frown around like he does. You don’t notice other men any more and only have eyes for him (and Ryan Gosling). If you know you love him with all your heart and you feel ready to make a commitment and settle down, then you’re ready to get engaged!

Simply the best

When you began spending time together you found yourself feeling happier and more confident in yourself. You also find yourself wanting to be a better person and work on any negative qualities you struggle with. If your other half brings out your best side then it’s a solid foundation for your future together. If you don’t like the person you become around your boyfriend or partner then it won’t make for a happy marriage, so you should think hard about whether you should get engaged. 

You support each other

You got a promotion or won an award and he is the first person you call to tell the news. He’s delighted and excited for you and you feel exactly the same when he has good news to tell you. If he’s you’re number one champion then he’s a keeper. If he gets jealous of your success and you keep good news from him, then perhaps he’s not the man for you. The person you spend the rest of your life with should let you shine like the diamond that you truly are!

In good times and bad

When everything is going great, life has a habit of kicking you in the gut. Being a couple means that you don’t just enjoy they happy times, you have to get through the tough times too. Lots of relationships don’t survive a rough patch, but if you have made it through some difficult times then you are armed with what you need for married life. If your partner’s not emotionally supportive then you might want to put the ring back in the box and work at becoming a stronger couple before you get engaged.

You share the same values

You want the same things and have the same values, so you have a solid foundation for marriage. Before you get engaged you need to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to children, money and investments for the future. If you’re not in agreement then you could run into problems that could destroy you as a couple. If you're both agreed on the important things then you have the green light for getting engaged!

Two’s company

One sign you’re ready to get engaged is that you enjoy each other’s company, even when you’re doing boring things. Not every moment of a relationship is filled with the fun of dating. Life is filled with mundane chores like cleaning and shopping, so you should be able to enjoy each other’s company whether you are at a party or at home folding underpants. As a couple you have to be friends as well as lovers, and if you enjoy doing nothing together you have an unhappy future ahead of you. 

No need to impress

When you first started dating you would share your funniest jokes, tell your favorite stories and make lots of witty comments. You would try to show your best bits in the hope of finding true love. Slowly that faded as you went on more dates until there is no more act, just the real you. If you feel comfortable with the person you have given your heart to and know you don’t have to fake it to make it, then this is a sign you’re ready to make a life together. 

You have total trust 

It’s true that trust is earned and not given. When you first meet you put a certain amount of trust in each other, but you really have to learn to trust each other. When one of you is on a night out the other shouldn’t have to worry about a wandering eye. Building trust in a relationship can be difficult, but once it’s there you have a solid foundation for the future. You should both be totally open to discussing everything and anything about your relationship. Only then are you ready to get engaged.  

Imagining a future together

When you think about the future, do you see yourselves as a couple? If the answer is yes then you’re ready to get engaged. If your boyfriend or partner doesn’t feature in your future plans then you are not ready to commit to a life with him. Hold off the engagement until you're sure what you want out of life.

Your wild days are over

You’ve had enough of partying and are done with meeting new people. The thought of dating and awkward goodnight kisses bring you out in a cold sweat, and a friend with benefit sounds more like your worst enemy! If you have had it with singlehood and never want to go back to your single days then you are ready to get engaged. If you’re thinking about who else is out there and are jealous of your single friends, then you are not ready for married life!



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